Rutaş Limited Company is a firm, located in Ankara, Sincan Organized Industrial Zone. The company has begun it’s adventure in 1988, and over the years has got experienced in die-casting and moulding and been a solution partner for its customers by following the high-tech about the production.

The main field of the firm is that to product the die- casting of aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys and their moulding processes. Rutaş has got a big capability to sign to prestigious contracts to work in die- casting, machining manufacturing, moulding and surface treatment with it’s 3000 m2 facility and ongoing R&D operations.

Below with Rutaş’s annual 950 tons of various materials manufacturing, some production competences:

- Design, engineering and simulation services and programs,

- CNC Modelling with CAD and CAM supports, 3-4-5-6 axis processing,

- High pressure die casting of aluminum and zinc alloys,

- High pressure casting of magnezyum alloys,

- Dimensional measurements and controls of the products,

- 400 kg/hour metal fusing and pressurized casting capacity,

- Up to 1600 mm height machining process capacity,

- In casting materials, processes to gain tightness and surface processes,

- Qualified R&D laboratories and experienced crew,

- Superior quality management and quality control mechanisms.

With it’s experienced employees, Rutaş is qualified to manufacture world-class mechanical parts. Along with the manufacturing processes, R&D department has made it possible to use light metal alloys to manufacture new products.

While manufacturing depending on the standarts of the sector, Rutaş will always try to maintain and improve R&D services, customer satisfaction, and most importantly it’s quality.


The investment for the impregnation procedures after the casting & sawdust processing has been completed and deployed for the production line.


Besides the capacity increase investments, a new Research and Development branch office scheduled to open in near future.