About Us

We founded Rutaş Ltd. Co. to meet the needs in die casting, molding and machining areas in 1988. We have emphasized a great care for transfering our investments & technological improvements into our products in order to preserve high quality in our products.

We’ve always tried to supply the demands of customers and always will try via developing our manufacturing techniques, supported with R&D endeavours.

In design, manufacturing and quality control processes; we accomplish sustainable success and team work via using latest equipments, hardwares and softwares.

According to our customers’ needs:

In order to enable to improve the metallurgical and the mechanical features of the raw materials with aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys of our products is also essential for our firm.

Rutaş, with all the management staff and the employees, aims to keep the highest quality and customers’ satisfaction on the fields that serves and produces.

To provide the high pressure die castings, machining, surface treatment and assembling of the customers’ products is one of our aims. In addition by designing and producing of the mechanic systems and the products to serve the customers as the latest users is also our other aim.