• Rutaş Tesis

    Rutaş Limited Company was put into service in Ankara in 1988 with casting-mold production, machining. has become a solution partner to its customers by following advanced technology in production issues. company. The main area of expertise of our company is casting of aluminum, magnesium alloys, molds machining, finished and semi-finished products. Rutaş has a modern infrastructure that supports prestigious projects in the fields of casting and mechanical processes, pressure casting, gravity casting, machining, mold production and surface treatment departments, chemical Production and R&D studies in a closed area of 5,600 m2 in total with the coating department. continues

  • Rutas Ek Bina

    Rutaş Ltd. Şti. With an annual capacity of 2,000 tons, it produces aluminum and magnesium alloys in variable weights and sizes using its technological infrastructure. Business model options; It consists of processes and methods that start from product design, mold / model design and production, casting part production, machining, surface treatments, chemical surface coating processes and assembly processes. These works are carried out over the ERP system and under the control of our quality management system.

  • rutas destek bina

    With our new investments planned for the near future, high technology, metallurgical and to produce aluminum and magnesium alloy products with improved mechanical properties we aim. The priority of our goals, which we will invest in, is the national to meet the needs, to produce original designs with R&D support.


Aluminium Casting 95%
Zinc Casting 72%
Magnesium Casting 60%
Machining 75%
Plastic Casting 62%
Surface Treatments 82%
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Rutaş Ltd.Şti in 1988; We established it with the aim of producing in the fields of pressure casting, mold making and machining. Since its establishment, we have attached great importance to applying our investments and technological innovations to the parts we produce in order to keep the production quality at the highest level.

  • Mechanical Design
  • Casting
  • Machining
  • Surface Engineering
  • Quality Control
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